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Beyond The Horizon: A Remembrance Journal for Healing the Loss of a Pet

For those fortunate to have experienced the deep bond and unconditional love of a companion animal, the death that follows can be one of the most difficult and misunderstood losses to go through. Many times, this devastating loss goes unrecognized, if not trivialized, by family, friends, and society; leaving bereaved pet owners struggling with healthy ways to cope and very few professional resources available.

Dr. Corbin brings the consulting room to your fingertips in the ground breaking and one of a kind book. Drawing on 20 years of clinical, research and personal experience Dr. Corbin calls attention to the difficulties unique to the loss of a beloved companion animal and provides an interactive and compassionate guide to help you process your loss and work towards coming to a place of peace and healing. If you are interested in Journal Therapy and looking for a professionally written AND compassionate resource to help understand and reconcile the grief associated with the loss of your companion animal then this book is for you.

Each chapter begins with a general overview, offering tips, recommendations for coping and thoughtful reflections, then transitions to a set of therapeutic questions and prompts intended to elicit personal reflections and insights. In Beyond the Horizon: A Remembrance Journal for Healing the Loss of a Pet, Dr. Corbin challenges many of the myths associated with the death of a companion animal and discusses the impact of this disenfranchised loss on our emotional and psychological well-being. Dr. Corbin thoughtfully guides you to reflect on the special bond shared with your beloved companion animal throughout the years and provides a framework to help you express your most intimate thoughts and feelings associated with the stages of grief commonly experienced after the death of a companion animal. Providing a much needed respite of healing and comfort during your difficult time of loss, this book and remembrance journal guides you in understanding and processing important topics such as:

  • The Healing Power of the Human-Animal Bond: With the use of journal prompts and questions, the Author guides you to recall treasured memories about your beloved and relationship throughout your time together; from your first days till the final.

  • Pet Loss and Disenfranchised Grief: Helping to answer the question of why the death of a companion animal can be so extremely difficult and provides tips and journal questions and prompts to help you work through your individual experience.

  • Pet Loss and Complicated Grief: For some bereaved pet owners, grief can be overwhelming and complicated leading to a wide range of symptoms. Learn what is considered "normal" and what is not. Provides suggestions for coping and journal prompts and question for processing difficult emotions.

  • Stages of Grief Following the Death of a Pet: Discusses and guides you through stages commonly experienced after the death of a companion animal such as: Shock and Disbelief, Painful Emotions, Living in the Past, and Acceptance & Reconciliation. These stages are in no way absolute, nor do they occur in a linear fashion or predictable time frame. With the help of prompts and questions, the author supports you through these common stages and associated feelings, thoughts and reactions helping you to gain insight and healing.

  • Memorializing, Commemorating, and Other Topics Specific to Healing the Loss of a Companion Animal.

Beyond the Horizon: A Remembrance Journal for Healing the Loss of a Pet, is written in tribute to all the companion animals who have graced our lives in ways only we could know. May this remembrance journal help you come to a place of comfort and healing in your journey towards recovery.

Now available on Amazon in paperback and kindle.

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