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Autumn and Letting Go...

It is very common for those struggling with grief to experience an increase in the severity of symptoms during the arrival of Autumn. I believe we are in tune with the natural rhythm of the seasons and Autumn is a mirror to the seasonal changes within our own lives. Autumn is about endings - a very natural and organic process. The leaves that were once green and vibrant turn to brown and shed from the tree, reminding us to look at what we can or need to release and let go, which of course can intensify symptoms of grief and loss. Every journey, every life, must come to an end and Autumn is the bittersweet embodiment of this realization. Autumn teaches us about the importance of embracing change, letting go and acknowledging the impermanent nature of all life. Autumn brings home the reality of death and challenges us to live each day to the fullest and to walk through our day with a sense of mindfulness and gratitude. Autumn also calls to us to be reflective and to prepare ourselves for the long winter ahead, when we all undergo an internal transformation. So, during this Autumn season when we are reminded of cycle of life and death inherent in nature and feel it within ourselves, know that it is natural for this to trigger our own grief.

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