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Welcome to Integrative Psychotherapy of Morristown

Julie Corbin, Ph.D., LPC

As a leading Therapist in Morristown, I know what exceptional care means - that’s why I offer my clients a wide range of useful information. Feel free to explore these complementary resources and interesting reads I have listed below, and educate yourself at your convenience wherever you are.

IMPORTANT PRACTICE UPDATE: In response to the COVID-19 Health Pandemic, I am moving my practice to Teletherapy/ On-Line Counseling on an interim basis.  As a certified Telehealth Professional I am able to continue to provide personalized and exceptional care during this difficult time. My video platform is user friendly and HIPPA compliant. Best Wishes for safety and health to you and your loved ones. To schedule an On-Line Appointment or Initial Consultation Call: 973-886-3294

Foggy Pier

The Many Faces of Grief : Working Towards Healing

Grief is a natural response to any loss. Losing someone or something you love and care about is a very painful and life altering event. Individuals respond with different emotions that vary from time to time like waves in the ocean or a roller coaster. Sometimes feelings can be overwhelming while at other times they may be tolerable. Individuals heal at different rates and it is important to know there is no “normal” way to grieve. If you are struggling or overwhelmed by symptoms of grief consider a consultation with a grief counselor to help process your feelings and reconcile your loss.

Ducks Over the Lake

Coping With Stress: Life’s Obstacles

We are all faced with challenges in every area of our lives. There are times when we may have a more difficult time accepting and dealing with challenges that arise. The truth is that you will have to cope with difficult problems throughout your life, whether it is in your personal life or career. If you are feeling overwhelmed with stress, psychotherapy and mindfulness based modalities can be an effective treatment for identifying and managing your stress response and learning healthy coping skills that will help you throughout your life.


Exploring Family Dynamics

Family dynamics are the patterns and interactions we have with different members of our family and influence us, from the beginning of our lives, to the end. Naturally, all families go through changes and experience difficulties or ruptures. It is normal to experience these and other issues within a family, and also to struggle in managing these. However, these life stresses and experiences can leave lasting impressions on us. For some, familial stresses can feel immense and overwhelm a family, making it feel as if there is no way forward. Counseling can help you explore difficult family dynamics and understand how they continue to impact your current relationships and teach you effective relationship building skills and healing your past.

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Exploring The Human-Animal Bond and Pet Loss

The bond we share with our companion animals can be one of the most profound bond we will ever experience and the loss that follows one of the most traumatic.  Dr. Corbin offers a wide range of clinical, educational and consultation services to; bereaved pet owners, local animal clinics, animal welfare centers, law enforcement, military personnel and mental health professionals on the dynamics of the human-animal bond and pet loss. Clinical and Support Services include:

  • Individual Pet Loss Counseling

  • Pet Loss Support Groups

  • Animal Assisted Therapy

  • Emotional Support Animal Psychological Evaluations

  • Seminars and Presentations

  • In-Service Training for Veterinary Staff 

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